Uhh, too many collabs?



Right now,I've seen a lot of collabs. It's nice but if _everyone _ gets a collab.... And I'm not interested in collabs, except for my business, so to me, it's a waste. Can someone please explain this?


First reply, first like!

Collabs are fun, even though most of them aren't done. :smiley:


Well some like more coding with others :D

I think they are ok! I enjoy If they don't get done C:


Collabs are fun to make. I feel like this is pointed at me and some others directly, but it's okay! c:

If you aren't interested, you could always mute the topic! :D

This will prevent you from knowing certain things! c:

Sorry, but I'm going to make a collab right now lol

I was going to make one for bluedog-mc. c:


Ok! I know some people like them, so I'll just keep quiet about them.


Best thing to do about it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I just join like every one I see :sweat_smile: