Uhh... Just wanna make sure of this!



Ok I was a regular before, but then I was Un-promoted because I wasn't reading the topics on Newest. Can I still re-gain the trust level? Or am I not aloud to now? Do I have to meet every requirement again? If so, what are they? PLEASE HEEEEELLLLLPPPP!!! Thank you very much.



I think you can. (Well I never even got regular)


Yes you can this happend to @comicvillestudios for exsample you can get it back!


@Huggingfluffybear well, do I have to succeed EVERY SINGLE requirement again?


Of course you can! Just read 600 more topics and 3000 more posts!


@Kiwicute2016 welp.......I better get to work on my "Newest" section!!!