Uhh.. do these Ancient blocks still work?


I use these blocks all the times before
Idk if hopscotch updated or what causing it not to work


I have an iPad with the HS version and editor using these blocks, so they probably work there. But I don’t know if they would work in the newer editor.

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I have used them like once before. Sine&Cosine+Clone Backgrounds are easier to make lol XD

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They need to be put inside the trail you are editing. otherwise, Hopscotch doesn’t know what trail to edit…


They do work, it’s just a bit of a bug (I can’t think of a better word for it) in your code. If you shake the iPad while drawing (using your code), it just changes the width to 3 then immediately back to 35.

I tried the code below and it worked fine (although it wouldn’t be very good for a drawing pad).

Image of what the code did

(Please excuse my lazy image editing. :P)

This post is probably horribly worded, sorry.

I guess the set trail width and set trail colour blocks are kind of unecessary, though – I always seem to use variables instead.


The “ancient blocks” for sure still work. I use them occasionally on my projects sometimes!


How come I’ve never noticed these blocks before! I could of used it for so many things!


Ancient blocks have gone. :roll_eyes:


I think :confused: (Idk if I’m right or not I’m just guessing).