Uhh.. do these Ancient blocks still work?


I use these blocks all the times before
Idk if hopscotch updated or what causing it not to work


I have an iPad with the HS version and editor using these blocks, so they probably work there. But I don’t know if they would work in the newer editor.


I have used them like once before. Sine&Cosine+Clone Backgrounds are easier to make lol XD


They need to be put inside the trail you are editing. otherwise, Hopscotch doesn’t know what trail to edit…


They do work, it’s just a bit of a bug (I can’t think of a better word for it) in your code. If you shake the iPad while drawing (using your code), it just changes the width to 3 then immediately back to 35.

I tried the code below and it worked fine (although it wouldn’t be very good for a drawing pad).

Image of what the code did

(Please excuse my lazy image editing. :P)

This post is probably horribly worded, sorry.

I guess the set trail width and set trail colour blocks are kind of unecessary, though – I always seem to use variables instead.


The “ancient blocks” for sure still work. I use them occasionally on my projects sometimes!


How come I’ve never noticed these blocks before! I could of used it for so many things!


Ancient blocks have gone. :roll_eyes:


I think :confused: (Idk if I’m right or not I’m just guessing).