Uhh.. do these Ancient blocks still work?


Set trail width

Set trail colour

They don’t work for me. I mean, for thousands of years I saw these blocks and never used them and then I needed to and they don’t even work. It’s like we start using candles again…

Are there any need? Why not use a variable. I’m seriously not joking but these pathetic blocks are harder to understand than inverse tangent mixed with sine and cosine.

I’ve just never used them if you know how to make them work let us know, because not everyone here is ancient.

Why not do the much simpler:

Note, I changed the ‘change’ example because shakes is a little dodgy on my device.



Hehe. They do what you expect. Try using them in a draw a trail block. Like this:

Their function has completely changed since 2014 ish


Hehe. I leik using a variable for the trail width and colour. What a waste of code.


Look closer.


It’s useful for changing colour and width without having to add an entirely new draw a trail block.



I’m sorry, but


I used a different example because shakes is a little dodgy.


Thing is, that doesn’t work.


For me it does


Well, it would work if you did it a little different.


But still, when the heart bumps the screen the width changes.


I’ll try that. What’s the code of the heart?


Wait… (x)
Change x by (x)


Still doesn’t work.

To make the variable controlled width work, you’d need to do this instead:


No I mean width of trail


Yes, I know. But the code you show does not work.
Or, it works if you wait with pressning the screen until the heart has bumped the edge, but you will not be able to change the width while drawing.


Oh I just noticed that

Doesn’t matter I didn’t test it properly. I’ll find another way around it.


The code I showed above works.


Yeah. Not using ancient blocks, which should be removed.


Before the draw a trail C-shaped block, they had another way of drawing, which was the move with trail block (it worked like move forward, only it also drew a trail). This also had the set width and colour blocks. Then they got changed to Change Width and Change Color, and later changed back again. They work quite well for me, and I still use them.


Oh I think I remember that. Anyways I didn’t know how to use these blocks since I always ignored them. Thanks.