Uh so i saw this (incomplete boogaloo)



this layout is so trashy. why @omtl (it wont let me tag with lowercase wth discourse stop @OMTL)

(also i believe they might have new incomplete sentence stuff bc i made this title originally “uh so i saw this” and it said it was incomplete. discourse, u r drunk)

@Liza hey actually read my private message thank you



@admins why are you trying to make this site more modern stop!!!


Yea the new layouuut is utterllieieeee… no. too much blue n sadness deeep inside. —> >:,0 —> that’s me, who would rather not


Yeah that’s new.
I noticed it like 4 hours ago maybe.


They had the website spot before.


i meant the boxes???


Oh yeah. That stuff is just weird.


It’s not the fault of Discourse, that’s just the name of the group.

The incomplete sentence message is not new. If your title is incomplete, then why not change it to something more descriptive? Like “New layout for the forum”. People have no idea on what “Uh so I saw this” is about.

I do agree looks a bit wierd, it will take some getting used to.


Yeah it’s really weird.


I did this

Edit: supposed to be on leave group not message


I’m guessing Liza or someone who likes the layout flagged me because they didn’t want hate on the layout. THT approves every flag, they don’t care if it’s wrong or not. They don’t care or monitor this forum anymore. They’re probably gonna shut it down


I like the new layout, but others might think that it is weird, and it is like when HS got the new editor: it might take some time to get familiar with.

What do you think about the new layout?

The poll is anonymous.

  • It is amazing!
  • It is good!
  • It is like it was before, I have the same opinion about it.
  • I don´t like the new layout.
  • Other

0 voters


I don’t get what’s so different about it? It changes basically nothing.


dude that is most incREdibly out of order


Well, your post is hate on the new layout, and is pretty rude. You are saying it is “trashy” and that Discourse “is drunk”. That is not very nice. Negative feedback is certainly allowed, and I’m sure Discourse would like to hear your opinion but your feedback needs to be constructive.


oh so you flagged me? don’t talk to me again ty


I love how it’s currently at exactly 40, 30, 20, 10, and 0% lol

I don’t really like it all that much. It’s really boxy and so…unhappy. Idk, the old style was a lot more cheerful.


You are messed up
If people flag you, don’t make death threats against them!


Yeah, it is a little more boxy.


they don’t care. lol go away