Uh oh. What do I do?



Ok, so I just got an email saying that someone asked to reset my forum password. Is someone trying to hack me? What do I do? What if they get the password? I'm sure I could easily get hacked.... Uh oh. Now what?


i got the same email randomly to! im pretty sure it is hackers but they cant change your pass unless they can get into your mail :wink:


Isn't there a "If you didn't do this, use the link below?" type thing if that happens?


GUYS!!! Come back!!!

Like three different people keep remixing my project saying "what's your hopscotch password?" WHAT DO I DO IM FREAKING OUT I DONT WANT TO BE HACKED IT WILL RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!



Or not XD

Email the THT?


Ok! If they ask again, I will say that! I just realized they also might be asking for the locked website password


Someone called Not Hacker :rage: Just liked a bunch of my projects


Guys, you might wanna come back! I have a bae, and they like really love me and it's a little strange. Their username is like mine!!! And now they are asking for my passcode... And I'm like NO inside my head and now I'm creeped out!




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🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::smirk::smirk::smirk: should i give them a fake passcode and let them spend a while trying to hack me?


Ok now people are changing their names so they are ALMOST like mine... And then they are pretending to be me. :flushed:


Hmm well that could be bad because that may be someone else's real password but accutiay yeah say like after they type and can't get in say oops sorry wrong password!


Eep! Don't worry! Just don't give anyone your password :slightly_smiling:

If they don't know it, there's no way they can get into your account.

Make sure that your password isn't something they can easily guess, like your username.


Yes you should!!!
1:that would be funny
2:more importantly, it would lead them in the wrong direction.


Ok! Thanks!