Uh... Hi! Uh... I hope you don't hate me



Hi. Well I'm back from suspension. Unfortunately, I won't be getting regular back anytime soon, because I just got unsuspened and school is tomorrow. Well, I don't see why I wasn't suspended longer than friendship and SSG. I know someone was talking about me starting flame wars or something. But I'm going to let it go. I have a new hopscotch account, Aquamarine​:blue_heart:. So... Um, I hope you forgive me. I'm sorry @Huggingfluffybear. I was terrible to all of you. Could you put my topics that um you know, cough. In the lounge so I can't see them? Thanks!!!


Hi @Catface4 :hugging: Long time no see, eh?


Welcome back! :slight_smile:



How have you been?


Thanks! So... This is really awkward... cough


Pretty good! You?


Gud I guess... XD

Don't know if I'd call it gud... I haven't been in pain, though!!


gices cough drop

If you need more cough drops @Maltese can help :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome back!

And don't worry about ppl hating u after getting back from a suspension. My suspension ended on the 10th and everybody is already nice to me.

I was suspended for four days. Was that longer than u?


Thanks XD

I am actually coughing. I'm getting over my sinus infection.


Oof… get well soon!!


Thanks! So I'm probably going to get reported for off topic...


Nah. All you need is a


Welcome back!


Um Friday to today I think. But I've been pretty busy so I didn't notice.


nah it's fine I'm listening to my hit song single ladies so it's all cool


Hahaha I love that song XD


OmNomSusie… shakes head

I just realised that means I'm friends with Beyoncé :0


if you liked it then you should've put a ring on it


Welcome back! I'm happy you are back!


We forgive you. It's okay!