Ugh. Toxicninja is bothering me


Okay so there's more than 3 people who remix my projects,taking off the credits.
I replied to them to unpublish their openers or things will get worse. ( I replied to 3 person only)
One of them apologize while one of them just like it.
But Toxicninja

Halp me pls..he's disturbing me
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Call the hopscotch team @Liza @Rodrigo can you ban him/her


Just report it for now I'll do that to




Report the mean projects of the user with the "..." button, then report it as being mean. THT will see it and remove the project. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! But will my other (the original) get reported to?


No I'm not sure I don't think so because it's a remix


THT won't approve it. :slight_smile:


Help us pls


So is that a good thing?




Ok gtg see ya at school I guess


K Bai


Bad frond:3


Hai, is this person on the forum? Cause I feel like it might be @Delicious-Hamburger. Rancid Burger, (@Delicious-Hamburger), is also very annoying, and has been mean and insulting to everyone.



Thanks for sharing this ! I am sure @ValueGamesStudio will take care of this , so do not worry !


THT won't approve the flag. :slight_smile:


Too late.

KJR has everything in hand...


Who is KJR?