Uggggghhh... School... Please understand! :(


So this is a topic I've been planning on making. Sadly, school starts again in 2 days, which mean I will be less active because of homework and studying. As soon as I finish doing that stuff every day, I will instantly get on the forum!!! Please understand!! Thank you!!!


Have fun at schook and get yo knowledge!
Well anyways we understand!



Why would I not understand XD

hope school goes awsum :D


So you'll be like me, going on at night.
Lez be night buddies!


Sadly, since I wake up at 5:30 for school I go to sleep at 10:00 EST. maybe I could stay on around 8:00 and maybe 9:00!


Oh, k. That'll probably be me once my school starts (in September wot wot XD)


In two days? :O
I would flop if I started school that soon


For me school starts tomorrow!!!!!!!


Really? For me it's in a month


:scream::flushed: wow


I understand, have fun at school!
For me, school starts in nine days :slight_smile:


Yeah, but we have breaks!!!!!


Me too! <jdnjdjdndndnd


For meh its a month and 19 days


But when we get in school early, we get out early. We get out in the middle of May 2017.


Yeah that part is awesome


wobbly jelly


When do you get out?


But it's a bit later than most
Probs late June or something


Either second to last week of May or third to last cuz we have two winter breaks