Uber-impressive work by t1_hopscotch: It's "2048"!



I played the game again yesterday and I was able to get the 2048 tile (and found a terrible sound bug which must be fixed!) and I only needed another 256 tile before getting the 4096 tile, so I think it's possible to get higher too.

From 8192 onwards the tile are the same colour because I've never known anyone who's gotten past 4096 in the real game and I was close to 8192 once. If someone can get up to 131072 (without cheating) I think it's fair to let them choose the tile colours :joy:


It's so epic. Great Great job @t1_hopscotch!


t1 u inspire me. Your work is amazing. I think that everyone who is a huge fan of you has made the correct desicion. Hats off for @t1_hopscotch!!!!!


i was just about to say this! :wink: Again HATS OF FOR t1!!!!!!!!


I love @t1_hopscotch's 2048 project. Its spectacular and awesome! I know she took her time and never gave up. That's what everyone should do if you are working on a big project. @t1_hopscotch is just helpful, great and nice. Just amazing!

(loved how she gave credit to the real game)


Um, hats? 2020202020





OMG FUNKY 63 GOT 2048 :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:



Yeah! I saw! Cool @Funky63!


I think this is the real funky 63 @Funky_63_Greenland


Well, @Funky63 replied on a topic that got locked because of my post.


See? @Funky63 liked my post, so he could be real...just sayin'
You see, it's hard to know who the real Funky 63 is, with the Funky 63 Greenland and Real Funky 63 @AHappyCoder.


Ehh I don't agree sorry!


I agree with @AHappyCoder because @Funky_63_Greenland helped me with code..but let's get back on topic


Thank you, @CreativeCoder. Indeed, I started this thread to celebrate what I consider to be the very best of what Hopscotch is really all about.

It is very easy, with the passage of time, for all of us to forget that each thread is intended to discuss, to explore or to celebrate a specific topic. We all deviate from topics, of course. I do too, sometimes, by accident. But instead of behaving like the hilarious dogs in the Pixar movie "Up" and getting distracted by every squirrel idea that comes along, I hope that we can return to and stay with the inspiring example of @t1_hopscotch's work in this thread. I think it would be OK to share positive things about similarly amazing projects as hers, but I just don't see how it would help any of us to go much further afield. I would be saddened and a little bit embarrassed if @t1_hopscotch were forced to close a topic, celebrating one of her own greatest achievements. :blush:

I seem to have earned a reputation for long or complex posts. I apologize for that, if it's a real problem. I just didn't know how to say these things any more succinctly. :innocent:

Thanks, guys.


This reflects @oio more than anything — it is so kind and lovely of you being encouraging to others and I've been thinking about your Gift of Encouragment post too. You're so thoughtful and mindful of others. Kindness, like this from you, is what I love about the forum.

You really deserve the cookie:

come on I can do better than that:

HTML skills do come in handy :sunglasses:

I'm just kidding around but really you have inspired me to continue to try and be a better person and remember to encourage others out loud more when I think, "They've done something really well" or "Good on them" rather than just thinking it. Thanks for everything you do.


Gave you two good posts lol


Hats... Hats off for @t1_hopscotch


But you may get sunburnt!!!


That's what happened to me yesterday once I took my hat off ;-;