🇺🇸 U.S.A. team 🇺🇸 (The Hoplympics) Need another person



Hey U.S.A! This is not your captain speaking… You guys are your own captains! Until we add managers. I probably won’t be one…. Anyways, we have work to do! We must debate and stuff like that… What projects should we make? Who will be making them? That sorta thingy… So, Let’s GET TO WORK.

Getting introduced.

Get introduced to your fellow Americans. Even though I know all of you, and you probably know me.

But, some of you have probably never heard of Work_kids_coding before… You all know me, just not the other me… Anyways, get acquainted. Just not here, go to a General Topic or something like that…

Topics of stuff

  • Discuss who will be doing what.
  • Discuss strategy
  • Discuss how awesome you are Forget that one, DON"T DO DAT

Who’s doing what:

So, apparently, we all need to do an event for some reason…

Who will do this crazy stuff?

Background: Not me, I am bad at that @yaygirls
Game: @Yusamac205
Trail Art: Not me, I am bad at that
Pixel Art: Not me, I am bad at that @Dylan329
Sin and Cos Not me, I am bad at that:

Tagging the whole United States



Fyi thats not the american flag

Its the flag of liberia


I changed it.


Okay… my name is @yaygirls (obviously) and, who is doing backgrounds? I want to do it! :smiley_cat:


Lol I’m Canadian


@yaygirls Yay girl! Yes you can!


Lemme try tagging the U.S.A. again.




Okay! I’ll get started! :smile:


@yaygirls Ok, eh…


I’m still not sure what we are doing.


@Dylan329 Ok, so, have you ever watched the Olympics?


No I don’t think so


@Dylan329 Ok, find a video on YouTube. Then tell me if you still are having trouble understanding it.


No, what am I making, and when and what account


Thanks also happy birthday


Hey guys, I have an idea! What if we did like, American themed projects? Red, white and blue colors and so forth.


i don’t know…


Thanks a lot!


@yaygirls that is a great idea! Let’s do that!


Choose anything that is not taken yet.