🇬🇧U.K Team Topic🇬🇧 (The Holympics)


Hello! This is our team topic!
Here we will talk about our peojects we'll make!


Trail art: @Sweetlina
Pixel art: @BB-Box
Games: @Nerd4Ever
Background: @Huggingfluffybear
Sine and cosine: @EP125

Turn in projects here: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/the-hoplymipics-turn-in-and-announcement-q-a-topic/22322?u=bb-box
Turn them in the 15th September! I don't know the time so turn them in latest 14th September please.

Team Members



@EnchantedAnimallover, there is just 4 events and there is 5 members in our team!


There was another team that assigned two members to one assignment. Idk if that is what we are supposed to do.


If two peoples are making a project together maybe they can make a collab account.


And also, what event do you wanna do?


Games or BG. Preferably games because for a bg the best I have is a smooth background.


A random question: what's your HS username?




Events are:

All of them in first post and sine and cosine





List all events and write the one you want most highest and the one you don't want at all last!

  1. Games
  2. Background
  3. Trail Art
  4. Sine and Cosine


Trail art
Sin and cos.


Trail Art
Sin and Cos


@Nerd4Ever, now you have games!


Yay team UK. Even though i'm not in this event.


yey Perfect timing, I am getting my iPad back from the movers in 1 - 2 hours :D


@EnchantedAnimallover, DreamerGirl haven't been on at a long time. Should we still have her in our team or try to get someone else to our team?


Its ur choice, i guess.