U.K. team for Hopscotch Olympics! 🇬🇧



Yay! The Hopscotch Olympics are starting! :smile:

I am the captain of the Great Britain team! Members on this team: @Potter_Head @Sensei_Coder @KoolM123 @Goobrgrlrye

I can't wait for the Hopscotch Olympics to start! It's going to be so much fun, especially with this awesome team!

In this topic we will discuss plans, assign events, help each other out, and just talk about the Hopscotch Olympics in general.

The five events and the people who are doing them are:


Please turn in projects if you haven't yet!

DEADLINE: Aug. 15th, 5:00pm EST

Here is the Olympics topic!
Here is the Olympics turn in topic!

Also, thank you @Ella_13 for hosting the Hopscotch Olympics! We are very appreciative of your time and effort! :smiley:

If you are a member of the U.K. Team, please switch this topic to watching! If not, wish us good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: DEADLINE IS TODAY!!! If you haven't turned in your project yet, do it ASAP! If not, we will have to replace it with a backup!


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There's actually five events

You missed own which was "
Project related to the Olympics"
All you do it make a project so that could be art,
A game or basically anything except it has to be related to
The Olympics. The other four events don't have to be related to the Olympics

Also, if I were you then I would just assign events now because USA is already getting started. Just think about where each player would do best. For sins and cos you gotta pick someone who can actually do it. You also need an event

This is where you turn in your project http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/olympic-project-turn-in/21215?u=ella_13

For " project related to the Olympics" if u do art then u can just screenshot it instead of using a link


Thanks for telling me! I edited the topic!


Thanks for the mention! If anyone does art ( for project related to Olympics)then it can be on hopscotch or paper but hopscotch is more preferred


@Sensei_Coder @Potter_Head @KoolM123 @Goobrgrlrye please tell me your specialties or what event you want so I can give you a good event!


Btw USA members are already starting their projects. i would assign events tonight because then U get like 2 1/2 days to work on the projects


Wait we only have that much time? :grimacing:


Yeah the deadline is August 14th at 5:00 pm ( eastern time zone)
You might wanna add the deadline to ur topic


Okay, will do! thanks for letting me know, I have a little catching up to do because I was babysitting today!


Awesome! Now good night. Number one advice right now is assign those events. It will give u more time than other teams


May I do coolest backround? Everybody I need ideas, in case one is better then what im thinking of.


Once u get assigned an event, get workingXD. I'm pretty sure @SmileyAlyssa is assigning the events to the whole team, pretty soon


Yep! Please start making it now! When you are done, post the link here and me or one of the other teammates will approve it and/or add to it!


is there one for amarica?

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Good luck @SmileyAlyssa and the rest of the U.K. Team .I am a Briton but it's Germany for me


You can give me anything except sin and cos (I'm terrible at that)


O My gosh best idea ever! I thought of it last night. Ima get coding!


Can I do trail art? :D


Yep! Please start!