TYSM! (Shoutouts hs stuff)


So, as you know I’m a new user. I joined 2 days ago. I’ve made mistakes yeah, but… I’m not going to leave. If you’ve been visiting my hs account a LOT, I use to make a project and “left” (I took like a two month break) so I would like to to shoutout @SapphiraDonut @William04GamerA & @MyLifeInColour (I think ur from hs) so yeah! Bye!!!


Hey I don’t want to be rude but you can reply in your general topic for saying things like this. Too many topics clog the forum. Thanks.


Yeah I’m gonna start doing that because this started glitching so… yeah



As @girlcode said, too many topics can clog the forum so try to keep that in mind, since your new this is understandable.


my gosh please stop making new topics for every post


Yes I’ll start doing that I really don’t want to clog the forum


Okay, First of all I’m new to the forum. Okay UNDERSTAND? I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t think your even reading my posts because in EVERY ONE OF THEM It says I’m a new user. I’m gonna stop makeing new topics for everything because I don’t want to clog the forum. Anyways you could of said that nicer


i’ve also seen in all of you’re topics that people have told u this and u say okay i’ll do that next time

it’s next time

you haven’t done it

and i just said my gosh and ur taking it like i straight up started cussing and told u to stop no


No no no pls no flame wars…

We’re the HSF Fam, we’re the HSF fam! No flame wars, no spam ming, no meanies, and definitely no clogging

…forgive my horrible talent in songwriting…


Ok… your right. I was really taking it WAYYY to Seriously, Btw are you a kid? Because ur profile pic is confusing me once again Sry for the rude comment


i’m a girl


Thank you so much for the shoutout! That made my day! :slight_smile:


No problem! I love to give shoutouts every once in a while