Typos, spelling, etc



Tbh, I was lazy and I didn’t SBYP, but yeahhh
So I’ve noticed that many people on here have amazing ideas, but they don’t write them well on here. They misspell words, and have grammatical errors. I even do that a lot!
But in order to express your ideas well, everyone should really proofread their words. It’s annoying when you are asking questions and people reply with a weird, confusing answer. It could be laziness, or just people don’t know how to spell certain words, and write grammatically correct.
Here are things to help.

There are sooooo many websites that proof read your sentences for you. I think people who have trouble deciding whether their words are correct or not should use websites like these.

Ask someone
Ask your friends or family! They will be encouraging and very helpful!

Edit your posts
The forum is kind enough to have the editing option! It’s ok to not spot an error right when you are writing it. But, afterwards, please edit your posts to fix them

Well, I know that you can find essays on line with ay typos. Practice fixing them all, and get an adult to check if you got all the errors. Also, an adult can even make grammatically incorrect sentences for you so that you can fix them.

why this is important
Well, imagine if you ask someone this

“Hey, I need help with code! So, my emojji keeps disappearing whenever I play my project! I need help!”

And you get a reply like this

“So yeah you should do that before you ask us like the 100% disappearing is not a problems but I honestly want you to try that out.”

Did that help? No. The same thing goes for you if you have a great idea, but no one can understand you at all. People say excuses here, but excuses are not the best thing, because in the long run, you can’t tell excuses to you college teachers.
Anyway, I hope this helps!


Ik I do it…


It’s ok, :slight_smile:
I do it all the time




Dude. No
Please stay on topic
I write an entire fat paragraph hoping it will help others and I just get someone to reply


I recommend Grammarly. It is available with lots of platforms like iOS, Windows and MacOS. I don’t use it often, but it is really good at finding both typos, grammar mistakes and more.


me, bashing my head against the wall at 210bpm cut time: h


Yes! Grammarly is great


Why bash your head?
I hope I wasn’t offensive


Yeah I guess this is very important.
But also a way ro not prevent that from happening is to edit your post.
Idk what to write. Sorry.


this is a froum directed twords children so no you dont need to have good speling/gramer as log as you get your point acros




Thank you! You literally explained what this is all about. Your spelling and grammar can affect you from getting your point across, so it is important

And I’m sure most if us are in grades 5 and up, there are some exceptions, but honestly, people in grades 5 and up aren’t exactly children who can’t spell at all.


Yeah! Thank,
And I did put edit your post in there, ;))


We just basically need people to pay attention in English/Grammar class :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you say @DogWithAPen?




tbh i dont really care about my grammar/spelling on here
but that’s just me



I also don’t really mind but since I love imaginative writing and such, I like to use grammar because to me, it makes the content easier to read, understand and it also gives it some sort of unique feel (to me!)


What i said is not what i got out of this topic


Fine with me! :slight_smile:
Gosh I hate this 20 letter word thing