Typing in text bubbles frequently ignores more recent changes

1 sentence description of the problem: Typing in text bubbles frequently resets the keyboard, your selection, or even reverts text to what it was a few seconds ago.

Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
(Start in a blank draft if possible)

  1. Type in a text bubble in any block
  2. Stop typing for a little bit but do not leave the bubble. Maybe you are thinking of what to type next, or you switched to the symbol keyboard and are looking for a specific character
  3. Eventually the keyboard will reset back to letters if you did switch it.
  4. Start typing again
  5. After a while of typing your progress might reset to before you started typing and you will have to retype it again, sometimes multiple times.

I expected this to happen: What I typed to remain how I typed it

But instead this happened: It frequently loses progress.


Yes, this is extremely annoying. It seems to happens as the text approaches two lines. It seems to be updating prematurely (with the previous text) at that point, instead of waiting for the user to finish typing so it can update with the new text.


Just to check, is this happening on the latest version of the iOS app as well? (There was a similar bug in regards to text loss that was happening before version 3.57.0)

For the keyboard changing, that’s definitely frustrating too. I think it would be worth revisiting how the app handles resetting keyboard and focus after every 2 seconds of inactivity, while saving state.


Im on 3.65.0 on the app, and this works when I tested it. It would be annoying… it hasnt happened while i was actually coding but still


It happens on 3.64.0


I’m on 3.65.0 right now, and I have had this problem occur on my end (though, not as severe… I think…)