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So, we've all seen these topics on the forum. From I'm New Topic's to I'm Leaving Topic's, here's types of topics.

Hi, I'm New Topics
These aren't bad topics, I wish I made one when I started on the forum. Obviously, new formers make these topics. Users who start these topics, usually make early forum friends, These topics are a way for longer forum users to show their that helpful on the forum.

General Topics
This is a type of topic almost everyone that I've seen on the forum has. General Topics are mainly used for good old chatting, asking questions, coding help, etc. Some forum users have a great 1000 replies on their general topic, yet some have less than 50.

To grow your General Topic, I suggest not using the OMTL, instead make your own tag list. Tag your forum friends to start a conversation. That's what I've seen a few successful General Topics have. Maybe you can try to start a forum trend in your General Topic with your forum friends.

Forum Game Topics
Sometimes, people just want to have fun. Games like the "Forum Chain Game", or the " User Below Me" are examples of forum games. Forum games usually consist of replying to someone or just guessing trivia. Credit to @Catface4 for category idea.

Question Topics
These topics are about questions. Usually for forum or coding help, but sometimes for other things like why was someone banned, or why was the potato a huge trend on the forum. Again, these topics are a way for longer users to show their helpful on the forum.

Question Me Topics
These topics are usually made by well known users. The idea of it is that people reply a question and the creator of the topic answers them.

Testing Topics
These topics are usually for users to test out abilities such as tagging, making polls, blurry text, spoilers, etc. Topics such as the "Regular Gym" and "Welcome to the Lounge", are exclusive to regulars so they can test out the regular abilities.

When Will I Be A Regular Topics
Let's all admit, these topics are kind of annoying. Sometimes I try to help the creator of the topic unless someone answered their question. Too bad the "Regular Checkups", topic was closed. Many people would still use that topic to its day. if it wasn't closed.

I'm A Regular Topics
These topics kind of get annoying too. I don't blame the creators of those topics for celebrating they got the regular badge, but the topics aren't really that necessary. It's what the "Welcome to the Lounge" topic is for.

Game Show Topics
I've only seen a few of these topics around the forum and maybe you have too. Game show topics are mostly topics the creators make to do trivia about the creator and other games.

Show Topics
These topics are basically users trying to make a show. They usually start posting at a certain time in their topic. Show topics range from news to comedy. Some show topics include, "Evening Chill With Mobcraft", or "Evening- er Chill with Mobcraft".

Story Topics
Story Topics are topics where users right stories, that are related to Hopscotch, on the forum. Some stories can be a new Hopscotcher in there journey to success, or it could be something negative like a bullyin.g story. Most stories on the forum I've seen are entertaining. Credit to @Hero_Dino for category idea.

Contest Topics
Contest topics, I'm pretty sure almost all of us have competed in them. Some contests are based on coding, and other ones are for profile pictures. Successful Contest topics include many prizes and prizes many users would love to have, such as a follow from their favorite user or a title, if the moderators are willing to give one to the winner.

...Compared To ... Topics
These types of topics are very popular but some are off topic, but they still stay open. Some topics range from drawing, the most popular topic, to photography, to math, to reading, etc. I kind of like these topics.

Random Topics
Random topics are topics where the creator writes something like, " you're a potatoe", or something like that. The replys in these topics consist of users kindly telling them it's not related to Hopscotch or the Forums and kindly ask them to recycle this topic. Either way, these topics usually get closed.

Collab Partner Searching Topics
These topics are just users searching for someone to do a collaboration with. Sometimes, they have it so that others users need to fill out a form and the creator of the topic will choose which persons he/ she wants to collaborate with.

Collab Partner Chat Topics
Most of the time, the creators of the topic don't want anyone intruding or seeing what they and their Collab partner are talking about for their game, but sometimes, users just do it anyway.

Beta Testers Search Topics
These topics are made by creators who want people to test if theirs anything wrong with their project before they release it. Beta testers will have to fill out an application in order to get chosen.

Hopscotch Beta Testing Topics
This is different from the Hopscotch users making topics. This is beta testing for the actual Hopscotch app. These topics are made by THT( the Hopscotch Team) and they provide you with a link. They would prefer feedback about the beta, but maybe they are okay if you don't.

Complaing On The Hopscotch Update Topics
These topics are created by people that just don't like the new update. They figure out these reasons and try to get people to be on their side, so maybe THT will change the update. That's never happened.

Stop Complaining About the Update Topics
These topics are made by users that just want other users to stop complaining about a new update. They usually say," THT worked very hard on this new update", or " there are bigger things in the world to be complaining about besides the update", etc.

Bug Topics
But topics are a topic category on the forum. Liza made a bug template so that THT can see how a bug on the Hopscotch app can accessed. Users make topics to that THT can be aware of the bug and fix it in the next update. Credit to @MR.GAM3R for this category idea.

Essay Topics
Essay topics range in negativity and positivity. An essay topic is basically like... writing an essay. It could be about other users, Hopscotch, things you don't like, etc. Most of the essay topics I've seen are positive, but you can do whatever you want. Just make sure it isn't rude. Credit to @Rawrbear for the idea of this category.

Inactivity Topics
These topics are made by users who are going to be inactive. Whether it's a vacation, school, etc going on for them, it's good to know, Some people are just inactive for personal reasons that are jest best not to talk about,

Bye, I'm Leaving Topics
By this, the creators are going to leave the forums. Sometimes it's for personal reasons and other stuff.

Thanks for reading this topic, if you got this far. If there's anything I should add, please say it in the replies below.

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