Types of Hopscotching to Avoid


I have seen so many people in my time in hopscotch over 1 year :smiley: Questions later answers now! Here is my list of annoying types of
Note: All of these are my opinion be sure to reply to this topic by adding more type you don't like. Thank You

Beggars and Hoaxers:
These types of Hopscotchers either beg for likes and hoax people in. Some people hoax people by saying their leaving hopscotch if they don't get likes or attention. I know how this feels but I'm not popluar myself at all and I don't beg for likes because I feel so proud when I get a like or follow (or remix). If you beg just stop and everything will be fine. Plus Likes and attention aren't the main part of hopscotch -_-. The main part is that you learn the basics of coding and create awesome things for your friends. I know I have a lot of fun with my friends when I create games on HS.

The advertisers:
If your confused advertisers are people who constantly say about your project and you. They are most off topic because they advertise so much. I'm not saying don't say anything of your project just don't repeat it and say "IM DA BEST SEE MY PROJECT ALL THODES AYETYER GUYS ARE BADDD" it's not the worst type of Hopscotchers but not good either.

The RP and lottery people:
These people just create random scams or not that waste time. If you really want to do this do it on the forums. RP means role playing and is prob a random story with just text with no effort at all. These projects are scams and effortless projects. I think @LazyLizard agrees with me on the RP part you should too.

Types of ____________!

The Remixer : Person who remixes all of your projects and claims them as their own, then gets more likes than the original.


I agree @SigmaCodes remixers that don't change anything (not counting art pads) are effortless


I agree! But some lotterys I think are ok:)


People who put no effort into there projects
The people who just upload a project with one peace of text or a emoji or something that doesnt involve code or uses very little


Are you saying that making stories are bad?? If so, I guess all my wrighting in my drafts are useless...


Someone did that this morning to me! They made 2 bad claims:
1, they remixed my project without changing anything.
2, they said they were an "awesome coder" ABOUT 8/10 OF THEIR PROJECTS WERE REMIXES! Are you kidding me?!


They're rehopping it because they think it's awesome. Take it as a compliment! :wink:

But that second one idek ._.


Wow nice guys topic got a lot of replies in about 20 minutes also yes I know some lotteries are good but some are scam


Yeeeeeeeeeee......okay they also stole the credit for the game that that I spent a ton of hard time on...the project was Mantid.


How many ads are too much? :smile:


Yeah, a few people published my "make your own OC" project and deleted my credits, and changed nothing else. Gotta roll with the flow I guess. :slightly_smiling:


lol I doubt they could get credit for a featured project xD good luck with that mystery coder person


I totally agree! I was looking through hopscotch and 60% of the projects are RPs.


Why do I still get hurt when people say this?


Ya the lottery are a big pian all the people entering at once waking you up when ever someone remixes. That's why we aren't doing lottery again only art and awesome projects. Lotterys are fun though if you don't cheat or spam


The ones who remix and change nothing but the credits and claim they made them :confused:


Once a person stole 6 likes from one of my projects and it was the same exact thing they didn't change a thing :confused:


The player : the person who plays projects, but doesn't publish anything, doesn't like anything, and claims that a Popular person's account is their second account. :rage:


Like this person

That's not even her drawing style lmao