Types of Hackers (unofficial)



Hey, before you criticize me, I Know these aren't official names for hackers, such as the black/gray/white hat hacker, but Hopsotch is an kids app, so let's use some other terms. :wink:

Why do we need to identify types of hacking? Well, for now, it's a serious Hopscotch crime. Before passwords, it wasn't that big of a deal. It's critical to know them. Again, these are unofficial names, so read on!

The Good Hacker
The good hacker is a person who manages the Internet or virtual world in order to help others. @chickenlord1501 is one of the good hackers. (As I was informed, not 100% sure)
A real life
The Bad Hacker
The bad hacker hacks other people in order to share their privacy in front of other people. These people mainly do it because they want someone to feel bad.

The troll
Have you ever seen a troll meme? You might know what it's about. A troll hacker is a person that does hacking to constantly and lightly disturb or harm people, to the point of rage. In other words, they "troll" someone until the person rage quits. You can decide if a troll hacker is good or not, but they are mostly harmless.

This was made for reference, if you have any issues, please contact me. I didn't want anyone to feel bad or negative, so contact me as you with by replying. No, I am not a hacker.

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Why in the world do hackers exist?

This helped a LOT
At first I thought all the hackers here were black hat hackers, but I guess all of them are just trolls


Well, don't say that. Not all of them are trolls. Maybe they intentionally did it, on purpose. But although I get what your saying.


Thanks, But new information has gone arround telling me that this isnt what hopcsotch is dealing with. Its just a simple matter of bad password security and absent minded humans. We all make mistakes. So the best thing you guys can do when you see unwanted posts is to first delete the post. Then to change your password. Maybe just add or take away a few letters but nothing to big. Then if the problem stops for a while but comes back youve got someone who just keeps trying to log in as you. If the problem doesnt stop when you change your password. Try again, this time recreate the entire password. You will know if someone is hacking you.


Technically, we are all hackers because the definition is to create something inside of something.


no not at all. Go Here


Look at this:


I agree but look at this


where does it show about how hacking is just making something inside of something?


fake account. Are you really going to beleive that this account is a hackers? Even so, who would let everyone know that they are doing something illegal?


@JonnyGamer we are using the term "hacking" as accessing files that can't be accessed to the public by force. (Sometimes, sometimes not)


I know right, it's just an account, and it's silly to hack hopscotch, you don't really get anything from it.


no money, just people who want to put you in jail. Oh, and a kid who will tell everyone that his account is hacked.


I know



It said to write programs skillfully, but my dad (who is a real programmer) said something like that a while back...


Nice one @Follow4LikesOfficial! It helped a lot (even though i knew it already...) it would definitely help younger children (as I be basically work with children)


That isn't even the password for Phase Collab, lol!!!!!


I know it's soo weird but funny! ROFL, ALOL


eh... anyways, not everyone hacks.