Types of Coding




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My heart’s kinda beating as I type this topic out… but um, hi! It’s been a while, and I know I have a… history… on this app for being kind of a hothead. Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:

But anyways, I’ve been off for a while and I have a lot to share about coding :) </>

So there are a lot of different ways to code. My favorite has always been game development (making video games and stuff, which is kinda like how Hopscotch works!) and scripting (making smaller programs or apps which do different types of things, which I can’t really explain in one sentence). There’s also software development (making computer apps), mobile development (making phone apps), networking (making and managing servers, websites and the internet), website design (making websites) and many other types of coding. :) What you like the most depends more on what you like doing, and what type of person you are! (But there’s also a lot of different types of art, like music, design, drawing and animation, and I’ve enjoyed these just as much!)

I’m not going to go into each type of coding specifically, because that’s a lot to write…! (Though you can still look them up yourself if you want to ^.^) But overall, you may not even end up pursuing or doing coding later in the end! I started doing game dev and got bored and stressed within a year, and honestly I like making music more - but in the end, that’s okay! (Coding apps with a programming language is a lot harder than coding Hopscotch too - you need to invest a lot of time into makin one, and I’m not a very introverted or one-project-at-a-time person lol! :slight_smile:)

Overall, coding outside of Hopscotch is fun, but you’ll never really find another place where you can be constantly creative, backed with a sense of community like this one has. Just remember that making projects should always just for fun, not for some fame you’ll lose someday, and you’ll have a lot of fun making things!

Anyways, if you guys have questions about a certain way of coding, I can help explain how those ways work via reply :)


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What coding languages outside HS do you suggest?


Well hey, thank you!

Learning a programming language depends entirely on what you want to make. Want to make a video game? Learn Unity with C#, or another engine/language like Godot with GDScript. Want to make a website? Learn HTML and CSS! All in all, no matter what you want to make, do a little research about the topic and you’ll find out what you need to learn to make it!

But sometimes you don’t even need to learn a programming language to make something. There are plenty of website creators online like Weebly or Squarespace, and even with video games, there are a lot of engines like Construct 2 which let you drag and drop code. :)

The main takeaway here is: as long as you can make the thing you want to make with the quality you want it in, do what you need to do and learn what you need to learn to make that thing possible!


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I use unity O_O soooo i’m not the only kiddo using that app? i’m trying to learn #C sharp, and java script


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I also agree that Hopscotch has an amazing community, including you :slight_smile: tap here for a small hint. I code with Python, and that community (at least the one on the IRC channel) is usually really friendly, but Hopscotch’s community is more collected, I think. Everyone is on the same forum and you know each other.


Thank you. I’m wanting to lean more towards software engineering. I would rather grow up and be a hardware engineer, but it might help to know some coding languages.

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