Types of Begging


First, you need to identify, what is begging?

Well, its the same thing as pleading. Some people abuse the power to beg.
Who are they? Read on!

There are different types of people who beg for likes on Hopscotch, let's take a look at them.

The Spammer: Pleading a person multiple times to get a wish, using spam
Ex. Pls like this pls pls pls PLS PLS PLS PLSx5000

The Emotion Affecter: Often (not always) using fake information to make people feel bad or encourage them. Ex. My dog passed away, pls like

The Threatener: using threats to force someone to like the project
Ex. Like this or I'm gonna report you

The Betrayer: One who makes someone they're friend, then threatens.
Ex. I'm not going to follow you anymore if you don't like

The Bully: One who makes fun of somebody because they didn't get likes/their desires
Ex. RadicalWalnut is a weird person, and shouldn't be in hopscotch!

The Surveyer: one who does too much or very biased surveys and gains likes only only from them
Ex. If you like hopscotch like, branch if no

What you can do:
-Kindly remind them
-Report or tell THT

There are many more different ways you can handle these types of situations. Just don't be mean!

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I don't understand the emotion affector. My arm got hurt, and now your saying that since I shared that I was begging for likes??


Yeah I've seen this stuff before and I hate it.


First you have to identify, is it begging?
If it is, yes.
If if isn't, no.

We can identify if a person bribes if he/she has done it in the past. Have you? No!

P.S. If you are telling the truth (I'm pretty sure you are, but we will never know on the Internet) I hope your arm gets better!


If you said you wanted like, than yes, if no, than you did not ask you just said that you broke your arm. I just saw something move outside my window that didn't look normal, or is it Gravity Falls that is making me see this?


Hopscotch is getting more "social media-y". If someone says "I'm quitting" and gets a lot of likes, more people will get motivated, and say. "Hey, I want those likes!" A virus spreads.


we just gotta remember that hopscotch is a programming app, not Facebook (pls excuse my old people speak, I don't use social media, ever) and that programming is awesome, not begging for likes, which is a better accomplishment, "woah! I just got 5,000 likes on a project!" or "oh come on, it's only 60 fps and 4kHD, it's not like you can actually taste that burger", that very delicious looking burger... mmm... wait, what was I talking about? oh, yeah... (inserts end quotation mark)


Yeah but Facebook isn't the only social media (idk if you know any other though)


exactly, there's... umm... (Googles social media...) Twitter! and... LinkedIn! see! I'm cultured!


We'll, in logic sense. Two words make a big difference. A way to identify a begging sentence and a real sentence is by these two words.

"Please Like/Remix"

Say someone said this...

"My parents will get me a bike!"

You will believe that this guy's parents will get him a bike.

But if we change it a little bit...

"My parents will get me a bike if I get 1000 likes on this, please like!"

Then THAT is begging...


i REALLY hate surveyers. i made a bad mistake.


I definitely agree with you! Also, on surveys, I think that it's OK if you do it using a code.
like for this ice cream cone
branch for this ice cream cone
But, of course, they code the cone!


i h4x3d th15 50 u c4n1 11k3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
bonus easter egg! quote this to find the truth!


Yes, but some people go like:
like this if you are using hopscotch right now
play if you are not

It makes you think:: really????


My first informative topic XD