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From what I’ve gathered the app is written in Objective C, the rendering engine uses pixiJS, and server side they use Ruby on Rails.


To add even more side info that isn´t really related to code languages, Hopscotch has most of their servers (including the API used by the app) hosted by Amazon (I´m pretty sure about that).

According to a web extension I have called “Wappalyzer”, the Hopscotch homepage (https://www.gethopscotch.com/) has been made using Squarespace. This link however, gave me React.js as a result. You are probably correct about Ruby on Rails though, it´s probably being used somewhere.


Your GitHub account seems cool! Your cipher code is cool, and I cannot wait to see more of your awesome projects! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I am going to publish more little pieces of code too
I added both versions to see me-2017 VS me-2018 XD
I am right now trying to do a minesweeper app for Mac (even though there are hundreds of them in the App Store, but I want to do it by myself) but I am used to the Cocoa App interface, and the Game interface is very weird for me at the moment
And I want to learn how to do widgets and how to “transfer” data from the app to the widget…
If school allows me of course XD


Cool. I haven´t really looked in to many GUI (Graphical User Interface) libraries for Python yet. I know Tkinter though, which works great for making small applications or styled pop-ups.


I am still learning all Tkinter features (although my teacher is a fan of the “non-GUI, Pythonic way” XD)
And Java too
I have a lot of things to learn and few time ;-;


Well, at least you have a teacher that can code :wink:
But I cannot really blame my math teacher as he is over 60 years old. He is trying to implement coding in our school as it is pretty much required for all schools in Sweden since June or July 2018. We got a new curriculum that regulates things like coding in school.

Anyways, good luck with everything that you are learning :slight_smile:


Yeah, but the problem is that he is forced to give us easy projects as students are like “Coding is boooooooooringggggggggg” and coding only counts as a 5% of our Maths grade (it isn’t a separate class, it is part of Maths. If it was a separate class, I would get a Excellence Grade XD)

Same here, and advanced maths too

Thanks! You too


@William04GamerA, fwiw, this was a comment from awesomeonion last January while discussing a project of mine that wouldn’t upload.

“rails 5” is a reference to Ruby on Rails


Yeah, so you are correct, like I said.


n o c++ is ew thats just my opinion tho


react is just a JS wrapper
squarespace probably always has it on


app store costs a lot

that’s like saying you want to use Windows with only PowerShell lol


Yeah, I know



Yeah, that’s what I thought about too. React.js is a pretty widely used framewor k as far as I know.


Your ipad keyboard cypher would be better off using a dictionary-style array and itering through it, rather than doing different code for every action.


I am still learning about diccionaries, but thanks for the tip!


If you need any help with that, feel free to tell me! Dictionaries are really useful and also easier to use than you might think.


You don’t necessarily have to use the dictionary data type, an array that functions as one is suitable enough.


Okay, this topic is not going to be dead.
Mainly because I want to ask something:

Does someone know how to make dictionaries in Python?
Is because I am getting confused.

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