Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)



Same here (I don’t have a Microbit, just the Raspberry Pi) and I am getting an Arduino soon because I am in the Robotics After School Group in my school


Same here!!! XDXDXD


Ooh cool.
I was gonna do an Arduino science fair project, but then I didn’t because I had WAY to much stuff to do…


>Not including lisp.
>Including “C+”

This makes me depr.essed…


Ah yes, the lisp that is not lisp.


I said before that I made huge mistakes with the poll. Please read.


Then who is the lisp that is the lisp?


Actual lisps, such as scheme or Common Lisp.
The point is that Julia takes a lot from lisp, but lost (some of the most fundamental) parts of it to make it more “understandable” for non-lisp users, however it is much more powerful than an ordinary programming language (though much less powerful than lisp) so many people think it is a great programming language (though clearly Lisp is the superior programming language.)


lisp is a family of programming languages that is considered the second oldest programming language.


All comp languages are equal. Some are more usuful in some certain cenarios.


That is personal opinion of greatness, that doesn’t look very good here.


I used to think the same way, until I used lisp.
(Though your statement is technically true—all turing complete langauges can solve the same set of problems.)


And what makes you think I havent used lisp? Exactly?
And technically, some can be more usuful or convenient than others. Why find a way to integrate Java into HTML when you can use JS for the same thing?


Since you don’t consider it the greatest language, one must assume that you don’t truly understand lisp.

Here’s a resource for non-lispers to understand lisp: http://www.softwarepreservation.org/projects/LISP/book/LISP%201.5%20Programmers%20Manual.pdf


Do. Not. Make. Assumptions. About. Me. EVER.


That is overestimation of something. Some people have different points of view than you do, so don’t go saying that.


But let me ask you, is it true that you haven’t used lisp, or had I been wrong?


He is just messing with you.
Please, I don’t want a flame war here since I am already smelling smoke made by lisp, so…


I have used lisp a few times. I do not consider it to be “superior”


Sorry all for this smoke in this official topic, I will try to stop it.
Going back to the topic on hand;

Wow! Me and my teammate are going to do a mini-drone using Arduino in Robotics after school…