Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)



Are they free or do you have to pay?


Okay, thank you!
This topic is intended so that everyone who has a doubt about type based languages, they can come here and ask! That is why I made the tag list for that reason (also because I have the dead-topic syndrome; I can’t keep a single topic alive for IDK which reason XD)


Have you heard of the latest programming language called Julia?


I have never heard of it… What is it about?


They are all free


It’s apparently one of the most advanced languages out there.

Some information on it {Click}


Ooh I have!

I wanted to learn it, except I’m already learning 4 languages and 5 at the same time would be a bit much


I’m not very sure about its simplicity as I am learning Python, JavaScript and Batch.

HTML is super easy. I learnt it twice; once on my own and the second time at school.


Yeah. All of those ar pretty easy, but then again, so is everything when you get used to it.

(I’m trying to keep this alive, but I think I have dea.d topic syndrome too. My GTs, coding comp, clubs, forum game and literally everything else di.ed)


WOW! It looks cool!
Although I might learn it, I am right now with Java and I want to start on C++, but I will add that language to my list! Thanks!


Same here…
IDK how people can maintain their topics alive XD


I know. That’s why I commented that XD


I learnt Python already by myself (I am learning some modules like TKinter and Flas k since I have some Python “apps” that I want to implement a GUI so that it is easier for the user to interact with them)
And the best thing is that my classmates are now learning Python (the basics) and I am like “I already know this stuff”, so I basically learn Java while my classmates are struggling with Python.


That is me in my coding club and in all of my math classes.


That’s amazing! All we did here was HTML -.-

Edit: Whoops :sweat_smile:


You guys are super lucky you have comp classes in your school. My school has legit 5 comp classes and an after school GWC… For a whole, actually big, high school.
The comp classes are basically web design (already done that) and python (already done that too). In the club, I introduced aframe and Arduino tech.

Speaking of which, any ideas for something I could do with my Raspberry Pi? Or Microbit?


I also have a Raspberry Pi! Although right now I am experimenting with a new HAT I bought; the Google Assistant HAT. And I am planning to buy some things to do a weather station in my house…


Same here XD
And my classmates are like “Lunaaaaaa this is too difficult help meeee!” and I am like “Ehhhh, you forgot the parenthesis."


Cool! My Raspberry Pi and Mircobit were both gifts, which was pretty chill. I have everything that comes with the Pi, and I wanna make something bit and amazing, but I just don’t know what.
HATs are cool! My dad wanted me to make some super aweseom stuff, and then he said he might get me one. A weather station would be cool, good luck with that.


And it can get kinda awkward if they made a really obvious, big mistake and then you have to point it out. Especially if they didn’t ask you, but the teacher sent you over to them to help…
I was the only really experienced person in my club, and my teacher was just like “Here. You can be our new, unofficial leader” and just kinda left…