Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)



(I am alive, this topic is again going to be dead with me)
I realised that someone changed my topic title to remove the non-official part!
IDK if that’s a great idea, because school is taking a lot of my time.
But I will try to maintain at least one topic of mine alive!!
(Help IDK how XD)




i remember seeing something about interfacing arduinos with RPIs


I know branflakes (BF) (Brain F), it is an esoteric programming language that only has +, -, >, <, , ., and [ and ]


(revives topic again)
I’m going to do a “tag list” (Because I can’t keep a single topic alive or what?)
If you want to join please type your name here (as a tag of course XD)

Type-Based Programming Topic Tag List

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You have an Arduino? Wow!
IDK either, since I don’t have an Arduino myself…
What do you have apart from the Arduino? Bread boards, lights, something else…?


I have the adruino robot starter kit


Happy late Hopscotch Forum birthday to me!!
(Nobody joined the tag list? Thanks)


OMG a lot of people voted since the last time I saw the results
Thanks everyone!


I will be in the tag list! Great idea.


Thanks, because I have the dead-topic syndrome of some sort here it seems XD


That’s good. You are somebody who revives useful topics and tries to bring them back.


Yeah, specially when I don’t have an alive GT anymore and I just go around random topics and GTs…


Hello everyone!!!
I want to learn C++ (yeah, I do not know C++… I am ashamed of myself)
Can someone give me some tips, or just tell me some pages or tutorials where I can learn from?

(Beta) Type-Based Programming Topic Tag List

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USe unity </> there…


What do you mean???


Well, I have this app called LearnC++. In the App Store, it’s like a little rainbow circle icon thingy.

It’s really amazing, it can teach you everything about C++ in a whole day (maybe a dedicated 8-10 hours, depending on how fast you learn )
If you ever wanna learn any other languages, you can go to the maker’s ‘profile’ and they will have a bunch of other apps like that, specially for a certain language. I have at least 7 of their apps downloaded, and they’re super helpful when you wanna learn a new language or brush up on a certain aspect of a certain language (like classes in python, or arrays in C++ or matrices in Ruby or something)

I hope that was helpful


One thing; I moved the people who were in the old tag list to the new one, because I am deleting the old one. Sorry for the tag


Wow! I will ask my father if he can install it on my iPad (I am sure he will, if not I will be really angry with him XD)
Thanks for the info!


No problem.

The app series is called SoloLearn, I think. There’s also a community in the app, so if you ask a question there, I think people can answer it there for you. I’m not very sure with how the community works- I haven’t tried that.
I’m glad I could help :slight_smile:

If you need anything in other languages, tag me and 90% of the time, I’ll be able to help (at least I’ll try).