Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)



I got motivation to code, but IDK why. I think the felling to create your own stuff with coding makes me want to code and to experiment.
Like the motivation to code in Hopscotch! To do cool things, like games, get likes, maybe get trending or featured, etc!


I’m learning java
and python


In my opinion; first learn Python (which is easier) and then Java. The two languages are widely used now, so, great choice!


Reviving the topic (why we cannot make tag lists anymore and why am I not regular yet ;-; )
I am somewhat fed up with IDLE, bc now it doesn’t let me type any keyword. So… Quick solution, delete and reinstall.
Quick thing: don’t ever use Python IDLE 3.6.0, upgrade it!
(also, should I make, like, a tag list for those who like coding here and want to be active here? I am not very good at keeping topics alive… Help)


I haven’t been coding anything lately but I’m going to start again and learn some python libraries. If I need any questions I will ask them here.

If you make a tag list I would like to join.


How can I make a tag list @BB-Box?
revive topic


@LunaMorgana387 other- Block (the kind used in scratch and hopscotch)


You can’t really make a group right now, so you should just ask people if they want to join and then add them onto the list. When you want to use it, just copy and paste the list.


So now we can’t make tag lists… .-.


Unless our upcoming community manager does it. We will have to wait and see though.


Wait WHAT?
What does that mean?!?


THT are hiring a community manager (https://angel.co/hopscotch/jobs/390587-community-manager), but the job listing has been removed and @Ana might be the new community manager. He/she has already helped out with closing and unlisting a few topics, is a leader/admin and joined recently.


Ahhhhhhh… Ok
That’s why they are here


Technically this is the type based programming topic.

You could make a topic to discuss all the different block based coding things.


But block-based coding is based on type-based coding, so…


for the web iuse JS for frontend (obviously) and note for backend. if you like php we cannot be friends
for random tools n stuff saved on my computer, i use python, node, or C (and occasionally c#).
for apps, i use swift for ios and java for android.
for games i use C# on Unity.


whats ur github ooooooooooooooooooo


Ehhhhh… I need to change the name
Bc it is MY rea.l nam.e


o ok then


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I am creating a Python library for the Discourse public API (documentation is available at https://docs.discourse.org/). The library will be made for the Hopscotch Forum, but I am pretty sure that as long as you change the request URL, the library would work for most forums using Discourse.

I am implementing some of the functions that are public, and the results are also parsed into different variables. If anybody has feedbac k or wants to say anything else, feel free to reply :slight_smile: