Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)



Another question:

Does someone know binary, octal and hexadecimal, and could teach me (or at least, a quick how-to)?

Plz :disappointed_relieved:
(I need to know binary for the AP CS A Java and IDK how!!! ._. )

Bc… this is the type of questions I could get:



What programming language would you mostly use to make a website?


IDK if you no this but binary is just 0s and 1s


I mean converting binary. See the pic


HTML 5, JavaScript, & CSS


HTML, CSS, and JS I believe.


I thing e is 15 maybe???


After using python for so long, switching back to js and remembering you have to add semicolons is hard…


Hey, um, do y’all think this is like an escape room thingie?

  • Yeppety speppety
  • No way, hosé

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New idea:

Everyone is with the iPad Keyboard Cypher, so I decided to do a simple Python project to encrypt/decrypt that type of new cypher! (Bc of boredom and I want to do it for myself XD)

Should I do it and then publish it on GitHub so someone who is interested on that project can get it?

  • Yes, why not?
  • Nope

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Only one voter? Thanks .-. (that’s why I don’t have a gt anymore XD)


Ok, that is a yes! ^ - ^


I realised something. I am using the UK keyboard, and the US has one different key.
What should I do then?

  • US keyboard
  • UK keyboard
  • US and UK
  • Could you make it for other keyboards? (reply with keyboard)

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Are you talking about your cipher project? Why would you have to make it for the US keyboard? Are you using input()? If so, all keyboard layouts should work. I have the Swedish keyboard layout, so if it isn´t too mcu work, it would be cool if you could make your program work for my keyboard too. Just if you have time though!



I am going to use it

I will see. If the layout is more or less like the UK one, I could also do it :wink:


What problem do you have with the keyboard layouts? Which part of the code needs to be different for different keyboard layouts?


In US there is the $ and in the UK £. But I already solved it with the input() things


Okay, great! I´m excited to see the result! :slight_smile:


I am going to revive the topic XD

I am doing some “Python tips and tricks” to make programs better and more complex. IDK why

And I had this idea yesterday when I was doing a modulus simple program and then I decided to “spice” it up while typing every modification I made with the program in a narrative way.

That idea is still VERY random XDXDXD


Read that python book, python is very simple!