Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)



cough HTML aka one of the basic ones.

And I plan to learn CSS, JS, and Python.




Yup, I didn’t include it. Also, CSS is somewhat easy, JS is a little bit more difficult, and Python, you need a lot of things to learn, but it is really useful if you want to learn other more complex languages like Java or Swift or C++


oh my gosh where is C#


That sounds super cool! I use “Flas k” (without the space) often. It is a package for creating working web apps, and I’ve made some cool stuff using it! :slight_smile:


I’m learning C++ because one of my teachers started a coding club in my school.
I still know nothing but h e y, at least I’m trying


I also have Flas k! Although I did a small web with Flas k, that is not my priority at this moment. Right now I am with TKinter and doing some Java.


That sounds cool! I also want to get into TKinter some time, I haven’t just found somewhere where it is explained clearly. I also work on other things.


Right now I am with Java, and I am waiting for Xcode 10.
Xcode 10, it’s the BEST THING EVER.

  • Core ML (Machine Learning) 2
  • Swift 4.2
  • better testing engine
  • more debugging tools
  • support for GitHub (and more, but I use GitHub) in Xcode server with new SSH keys


the best of all.

Dark Mode.

I am getting really excited and :sweat_smile:


Reviving this topic:

Does someone know a good online Java IDE?





I have books on Python and JavaScript but I never really looked at them and I feel bad bc they were really expensive…is there any way you guys get motivation to code?


Listening to music while coding usually motivates me


I think that repl.it has Java. I searched for it on the website. Their Python IDE is really good, so I hope that the Java one is that too!


Thank you! I was all the time searching for one! And they have more IDEs too! Thanks a lot! :wink:
(I already have Python installed [although it is somewhat laggy -_- ], and in my virtual book I have a Python IDE too for practice.)


I´m happy to help! If you want to code Python offline and if you don´t have an IDE, you should try PyCharm Community Edition, by the way.


I also have it, although I feel very comfortable right now with the standard Python IDE (IDLE) and I try to avoid those bugs (like when you have another screen and you try to type print(“ . )


IDLE is good too. I just like the easy package installing, syntax highlighting, easy file creation and more. By the way, are you talking about bugs in PyCharm or in the standard Python IDE?


The standard Python IDE. I regularly use it :slight_smile: (and GTG)


Okay, that´s a strange bug. I´m also signing out for the day.