Type-Based Programming Topic! (Official)




If you:

  • code on another programming language (like Python, Java, Swift, etc.)
  • have any problems with some project in type-based programming language that you are working on
  • want to learn another type of programming language rather than Hopscotch
  • or you just want to know more ways to code outside of Hopscotch

Then you are in the right topic!

Here, feel free to ask questions about other programming language, as well as discuss improvements and updates, projects you are working on outside of Hopscotch, and more!

  • Only post things about programming. Specially about other programming languages, since this topic is for this purpose.
  • You can also post about coding with Hopscotch, but try to link whatever you are saying about Hopscotch with the main theme of the topic.
  • Every programming language is accepted! :slight_smile:
  • Of course, no spam or insults. That’s the basics!



First of all, which type-based programming language you know?

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • C
  • C+
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Other

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(If you selected other, you can reply and say which one you know, and I will update the poll!)


Does scratch count as one?


As a type-based programming language, nope. But, IDK if Scratch is based on another type-based programming language, like Hopscotch. I don’t really know! But this topic is for other programming languages rather than Hopscotch, so, it counts!


Um, you forgot HTML…


I tried to edit the post before you posted this and:


I know a little python.


codecombat yasss


I know Python and I code regularly with it. I learn new stuff often too. Python is an amazing language that I really recommend coding with! :slight_smile:


I code with Lua does anyone know how to code in Lua? It’s great for making games


I know a tiny bit of Python since I do a course on Codecademy…


Me too! I am starting to learn TKinter modules, because I have some “apps” and I want to do it in a more GUI way. I think Python is very useful because it’s simplicity (compared to other programming languages like Java or Swift), but it has a lot of power and you can do multiple things, and you can also add curious modules! (For instance, I have in my Rasp 3 an Enigma [the encryption machine that the Germans used in WW2] and I am now trying to create a working Enigma machine)


IDK Lua, but I think some friend of mine told me something about it…


I also did a course on Codecademy too! Those courses are good, and I also used the Raspberry Pi’s Python projects to learn too




By other I meant C#, I don’t know if you meant C# when you said C+, but yeah.


Whoops! I just realised that. :woman_facepalming:

Everyone, I confused C# with C+ . Sorry


And I cannot change the poll. Should I close it and make a new one?

  • Yup
  • Nope

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Hey! I am attempting to use swift, does anyone have tips?


I have some tips!
For learning: You can start first with Playgrounds (If you have an iPad, there is an app called “Swift Playgrounds”, and it is free, but it has like 1 GB). There are 3 tutorials, called “Learn to Code [number of lesson]”. When you finish with that, you also have the choice for checking tutorials for games, such as creating a Battleship algorithm.


biggest fail ever

nk (nach lisonjero)

Just joshing with you, Luna.