Tynker or Hopscotch Poll

  • Tynker
  • Hopscotch

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They both have pros and cons

Tynker- Free Images to insert and drawings. More terms of html.

Hopscotch - Simple and sophisticated. Don’t have to wait for your project to be published


Tynker was cool bc I like to draw but either I was doing something wrong or it would never update the draft when I edited it :sneezing_face:


Hopscotch is awesome


i used tynker for a while n it was pretty ok but it got really glitchy after a while and no one fixed it ://


I’ve never use Tynker before so Hopscotch wins lol


I am goin to leave it out one more day


I used to use tinker, but hopscotch is way better!


Tynker is often very glitchy


I have never used Tynker lol

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Tinker is way more complicated but gravity is easier to create cuz there is a block

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What the heck is tynker XDD


It is like hopscotch a coding app but physics are so easy in this app

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I like how in tynker there are games that incorporate coding but the community isn’t very big.

Community is something I really like about hopscotch and tynker lacks that .

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when i used to use tinker itd always be super glitchy for me and sometimes it wouldn’t save my projects or whatever, i also disliked the layout so it kind of made me feel unmotivated to code and stuff. :nerd_face:

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I know

I used to have trouble saving things when I worked on them for like an hour

They finally fixed it

Also the quality of Tynker projects has majorly dropped over time

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I used tynker for about a year and it was easy(?) to use (for me, because I got used to it) but the community there is extremely toxic. No one really codes there anymore, it’s turned into just a jumble of rants and copies. It’s not a bad app but it’s hard to figure out at first. Theres no tutorial, from what I remember tho. And it doesn’t save your projects 95% of the time.
That’s really annoying because if you spend a lot of time drawing something, half the time it’ll just crash and not save.
and it’s generally difficult to use, even if you get used to the layout of it. :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

and theres no point of coding there because your project will get stolen :))


@Leaders is this related


In my opinion, it is. The topic does also have recent activity.


In my opinion, I think it is better to discuss Hopscotch vs Scratch. Based on what I know, Scratch is more popular than Tynker.


Tynker is cool just because of its battle royale mode