Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



The third one

  1. I once dared Hitokage to draw a stick figure on HS
  2. I had never made a Star Wars project on HS with a chicken
  3. I talked to a ghost.




NOPE! I talked to DanielTiger😋 who pretty much was a ghost since no one saw his projects and only was seen in remixes.


Then 2?


YEP. I honestly don’t even know if I made a Star Wars project though.

  1. I finally got a school iPad so now I can play Hopscotch again :D
  2. I joined Hopscotch right after MagmaPOP left ;-;
  3. I’ve been on trending twice.

  1. Is the lie. I think.




1? Maybe, yes? No?



  1. I made a project on hopscotch that involved 38 chickens
  2. I have never gotten featured
  3. I hav3 unpublished over 50 dofferent projects


3? idk :P


Nope. But it is sad that 50 of my wonderful projects became trashed!

  1. I got featured
  2. I got rising
  3. I got game changers


yep ;-;
1 then? idk i feel like i’m underestimating you and that 2 is the lie but whatever


3??? idk


That is the lie! I have only made one with 37 chickens. Just kidding. I havent made any projects with a bunch of chickens.

Thank you for believing in me!

  1. Its 2 right? U have gotten game changer!


It’s 2


  1. I have been featured four times
  2. My original hopscotch username was “Cutecupcake8”
  3. I never learned how to do pixel art