Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



Yeah I'm serious! Proof is in other topic.

Yeah and MissFluffyHusky Liked me lel.

I'm sry about that. That is what I did. I shouldn't have gotten those likes. All three of those were remixes. I was showing good spirit and happiness that I spread across HS like peanut butter!


1.I have many haters
2.I am bad at drawing
3.I have gotten 4 features
Which is the lie?


I feel like saying 2, but I’m pretty sure it is 3


I am bad at drawing is the lie.

  1. My favorite baseball team is the Dodgers
  2. I have a feature (as of today)
  3. I’m working on a music project.
    Which one is the lie?


2, I’m pretty sure. I just checked featured.

  1. I have 4+ OCs

  2. I have a hate account

  3. I have seen Carlique’s face



I’m hoping to get one as soon as I finish this music project.


Mm don’t forget me


Oh yeah. Mr.rex too lol. Did I show you version 1.5.2?


I think 3, but 1 is a possibility.


Yeah I saw it. Back to the game now.


I say… 1.


Keep guessing everyone.


nobody cares lmao


The answer is number 3 I only have 3


I am going to say number 1


Alright guyyys it’s number 2

Surprising, huh

Btw don’t tell my mom I’m up :PPPPP


1 I have 2 people in my forum account and hopscotch account.
2 I’m kinda good at drawing
3i I have a lot of friends on hopscotch
Guess which ones a lie


1-I made a mini game
2-I made a shooter game
3-I made a sporty game

  1. I last uploaded a project a week ago
  2. I like roleplaying on Hopscotch
  3. I have a feature

Which is the lie? - @HappyDolphin