Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



2 is obviously tru, now that I was stalking hitos topic when you guys decided to talk about you know what.....heheh.


Kk. Anyone??
1) My first HS friend was @TheDrawer
2) I know Twizzler irl
3) I have been on HS since 2014


The first one is a lie :0


I got a new one!
1. I have seen @Hitokage irl!
2. I have never played a level. (From the olden days when there were like fifty
3. I know who sheepzoid/ducktato is.

Oh and Hito no answering


Nope. That's tru. Remember the myyy. account? That BG was what made you my first app fren..


Anyone else? Other guesses?


Oh oops I forgot about that heheh ;-;


Second I think



I literally have never played a level.


I have one!

  1. I was on Hopscotch a long time before there were sounds.

  2. I used to have a roleplay account.

  3. I've been featured once.


1- I have had one trending
2- Smileyalyssa followed me
3- I have been to HS Hq.


uh... three? sorry I cant remember you being featured


I think two is false :3

  1. I know no one on the forum that is irl (except my brother)
  2. Ive never had a hopscotch (app) account before randomowlsLC
  3. the first person to tag me on the forum was was Liza

did dish because I was bored (๑•ૅㅁ•๑)

Guess the lie


You're right- because I've been featured twice! XD

  1. I have been liked By THT
  2. I have gotten top of Trending many.. times..
    3.I have lots of haters


Number 1.!
which is surprising.
I think if that is the lie




I'm less popular and u code more than me (i think) yet I have had 3 (I think I mean I am just a dum bunny) likes from THT they were trailers for @Crazy_Crawfish


Seriously? I got mad once because someone copied my project and got a like from dem