Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



Dang the lie is obvious…


Oh, okay. XD


awwwwwwwkward silence


Number 1?


2nd one!!!! Here's mine

I hate tuna
I have gotten on featured before
I love to draw

Which one is a lie


Da second one?????????


I've been on trending, @MagmaPOP is my favorite hopscotcher, my old username was Squirrelwhisker​:cat:


Ok this just looked very cool so if anyone wants to answer
1. I have liked only two projects
2. I know who Rougewolf and Dragonboy175 are
3. I have made a project that got on featured once

  1. I a man blonde
  2. I like kpop
  3. I'm a dog and cat person


The first one because it makes no sence

  • I have been featured once.

  • I have created many giant arguments on Hopscotch.

  • I really dislike the current editor.

Guess which one is fake! It'll probably be easy lol


I have created giant arguments p?


No, unfortunately.


Anyone? 2022020202020202


The first one?


Nope. (I mean I have liked three now but two then) NOPE STILL




Well that leaves one more.
It the third.


You know some of my many senpais IRL?
You're magical


They're ur senpais!
Well I'll have to tell them.
(They've been my friends since 1st grade)