Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



How did you know? XD


It's the first one




I'm an alt account, I'm allergic to peanuts, I have a lot of accounts on HS


I like pie, I was never on featured, I like Adventure Time


I think the middle one is a lie.


I started in 2014, I personally don't like my own art pad, and my highest-liked post is "Eye", drawn in 2015.


Nope! It's true


Is the lie you started in 2013?


I had another account a long time ago, I have 8 features and have never changed my Hopscotch name.
Which one is a lie
It's too obvious, I know XD




major typo and brain failure on my part

I meant to say "I started in 2014".

But yeah, if that were my original intent, that would've been a lie.


Ok, then I think the last one is a lie XD


Other account right?


Yep, the last one is a lie.

My highest-liked project, last time I checked, is "Introducing: Mellodii!", a drawing of my OC.

looking back at it now...
burn it to the ground


You're right :D


I saw the text XD

can't quote


Two truth, one lie:

I sometimes prefer CheerfulOwl's drawing pad than my StarryPad.
I love chocolate but dislike white chocolate.(no racist!)
My surname starts with letter D.


Is the third one a lie?


A truth.
(Counts as personal info?)


Hm. Is it the first one??