Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



Three likes to 50 :00000

I'm going to make a three things thingy to guess but I don't know what right now XD

  1. Your nickname is disky
  2. Your nickname is disky
  3. Your nickname is disky
    There is a lie, trust me.



If anyone dares call me disky...


Which I won't.

  1. I'm a fangirl.
  2. I haven't ever drawn a duck.
  3. All my projects have 50+ likes.



They all seem true ;n; :D

First one..? XD :D


Is the lie #3?

  1. Me and @Mystic_Woods's OC's are transsexual :3
  2. @Mystic_Woods Isn't the only hopscotcher who I know irl
  3. My first hopscotch project was a level.


First one is true! XD

@MR.GAM3R, the third one is true!


1) The first project I liked on Hopscotch is basically just a thing that says your last touch x and y.
2) The first emoji I ever used on the forum was :pensive:.
3) At one point in time I had a pencil for my profile picture on the forum.


3? :0


I have a sister
I have visited THT
I have never been on featured !


Lie, you have not seen the tht?


Nope :0

I don't want to find it now, but at one point at time I had a cartoonish profile picture of a silver pencil.


Correct ! I have not ! What about you ? What are your three ?




I was clicking around some old topics yesterday and I saw one of your posts with :pensive: in it but was it your first emoji... Hmm... :000


I never been featured, I have the beta, I've been trending.



That's the first project I liked on this account, but I don't know about ever.

I checked my First Emoji badge, and yes, it was that.





"I haven't ever drawn a duck
Omg XD
Ducks are amazing to draw btw XD :D

And that's AMAZING that all your projects have 50 likes! You deserve them all! :D

@CreativeCoder good morning/afternoon/evening/night Crouchychakinz :D XD