Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



Yep! :3

The ':heart:' should be a ':hearts:'! :0


:hearts: :heart:

Big difference lol


I have been on featured once, I've never made a sin & cos project, and my first project was a cooking game. Please reply with what you think is the lie!


What's the lie?

  • I have over 2,000 followers on a certain social media. :grimacing:
  • I like to code, a lot! It's one of my favorite things to do! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I didn't play my recent game before I published it, I just opened my phone and published it.:laughing:


U edited one dat suspicious 2 me.


Dun dun dun


Nope :smiling_imp:


K den it's obvious now.

Da third WUN

Dundundun (4 realz)

Now I keep drawing the Gilberto and PopTart ship.


Nope! It's the second one!

That's a lie. I love to code, and it is my favorite thing to do! :sweat_smile:


I am going to HS Headquarters.
I have been featured once.
I love making pixel art.

This one's kind of easy! :grimacing:


The first one?


No way have you met SmileyAlissa before!


I've seen her on social media. Just ask her! :smirk:


My sister is on hopscotch
I got hopscotch only 4 months ago
More than half my projects I've unpublished


Nope! Sorry for the late response!!


My Sister's Has A Hopscotch Account, I Am A Extreme RPer, I Am Friends With The Following Hopscotchers; Dark_Prince, Squid Storm, And The Hay Bale Gang!
(Oooh, Kinda Tricky.)


Number 2 because you are



Ha! I Thought Nobody Would Get It!

  1. I have 2 pixel arts in progress.
  2. I am not so on in hopscotch
  3. My first art piece was from a movie


nobody will know


Three? :D