Two Truths, One Lie (Hopscotchified!)



CC: Have you ever played two truths, one lie?
Person: Yeah, but-
CC: Okay! I'll teach you!
Person: But I-
CC: Let's get started.

People are making forum games, so why not. But this isn't a chain game. Someone says two things about them that are true, and one thing that isn't true. Make sure it's Hopscotch related! Other people can guess which isn't correct. The goal is to make them unknown facts so the other person doesn't easily guess it.

Person 1: I've been featured twice, I met THT, and I spam-liked Person X.
Person 2: You didn't visit THT!
Person 1: Correct!

Keep it nice, keep it related. If it gets messy I'll recycle the topic or ask a leader to close it. Have fun.

"What Hopscotcher Am I?" Combo Guessing Game

I've been featured five times, I'm super frowny, and I am famous.


I've made no games with sin and cos, I've gotten over 100 likes on a project, I've never been nominated for featured


I know what smiley Alyssa looks like, I've been followed by someone famous, I only have one hopscotch account.


I have 300+ likes on a project, I have a cat, I'm making a game about my cat
XD mines hard.... Or not...


You're not making a game about your cat?


Remember to make it obscure (well you don't have to, but it makes the game longer), and say if it's correct.

Quotes might help to keep it clean!


Yep, I'm not making a game about my cat!



My turn!
I have been featured, I'm American, I have over 2000 likes on an individual project


You're not American? I think...


I'm making a game about colors, I don't have over three secret accounts, and I have made a bubble on hopscotch. :D

Kewl topic, @CreativeCoder! :D


Not American?? Idk :D


Correctumundo! Well done!


I have been on trending once, I have several accounts, or Hopscotch is my fav app!


You don't have several accounts?


I don't look at Trending, I have two Hopscotch accounts, and the project I'm currently making has an emoji in it.


(Wow, I'm terrible at giving clues. And I'm unnoticed)


The next project I will publish will be a leave a trail art, I have two+ (Published) projects and posts with a emoji in them, I have 10 topics.


You been on trending more than once?

#21 don't have ten topics?