Two questions: Are the servers down? Update on Trending?


Everything is taking forever to load… Is HS being updated? Trending coming back? I would like to know if that will ever come back… It made news easier to find and more people noticed… what made it go down? I’d say it was my most used feature on the toolbar.


I’m glad trending is gone.


I’m asking what happened to it, not for opinions.




I’m excited to see when trending comes back because they probably made some awesome changes to it!


Also I heard that it was coming back but idk when or if the slow loading today has anything to do with it. I think the HS team was trying to fix a bug to do with the trending tab


Here imma go like this @Liza @hopscotch-curators @SmileyAlyssa do any of ya know if trending is coming back and if is when?


Unfortunately I don’t know, but hopefully it will be back soon!


Oh okie thanks!!! :grinning:


The Hopscotch App works fine for me, and I guess that we would have to ask THT about Trending.


If you need more volunteers to help with that I’d be happy to help :smiley: