Two Person Drawing Pad Collab + Suggestions



Okay, I need a new drawing pad. I need suggestions and a person to collaborate with. The collab partner will work in your drafts. I will work in my drafts. We will publish when finished with a section. It will be a remix of my projects. I need help with layout, music, and much more things nobody has thought of!!!! Your suggestions with be given credit! And a follow! :wink:


Anyone? :grimacing:


You can add 3D draw :grinning:


I might be able to help :P


That's a really good idea!


Sure! What do you think you could do?


Sorry, for replying late :P
I don't know what I could do, here's a drawing pad I made, it doesn't have the recent updates I made tho


I really like it!! And you didn't reply late at all!


Ok! :D
What should I help work on, then?


Whatever you can think of! Just remix one of my projects and could you possibly start the layout? Hint: I want lots of colors so please have a layout big enough to fit that.


You can try to make it like Sketches pro. (free in the app store ONLY today :wink:)