Two Person Collab?


So, I am making Chopin music, and I thought, hey, what if someone drew Chopin on the project! It would be an art AND music project! :smiley: but need someone I trust. (you will get to go into "Follow4Likes"'s account! If you want to join, draw Chopin below and i will choose 1 person. GL! (good luck)


I am typing this on a phone so it's kinds hard :\


I volunteer as a tribute!


Cool! Take a screenshot (it can just be a QuickDraw, no need for super descriptive details


You can trust me! Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Chopin as in the composer right?


Yes :stuck_out_tongue: 2920292028373


Ok, on it! 20202002020


I volunteer! I'm Greta at drawing, but first. Need to look up a pic of Chopin. K did it.


It doesn't need to be a Mona Lisa, because if you win you'll have to draw again :stuck_out_tongue: here's the project


There's Chopin.


I tried to make him as realistic as possible


You're good. Wow. I wishes I was as good as you


It's just practice makes perfect, :sweat_smile:
I love your drawings too!

really? You Do? That's the nicest thing someone.... NAH! It's very nice of you to say that. My drawings don't really attract people. Merry Christmas Eve!


Merry Christmas Eve :wink:
Off topic but: I never get presents for Christmas :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing:
I just get Birthday gifts :yum:


Are you Jewish or Christian or something? Hindu, right? You don't celebrate Xmas? Oh well...


Nah, I do celebrate it (only for the fun tho :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)



Ok, but the project isn't going to be a drawing pad, so its going to be black and white