Two of my mermaid oc's I have many others



An mermaid requests? Some examples up above of my mermaid drawings lol there in a completely different style then all my other drawings lol


Oh and please give me the name of your mermaid!


Could you possibly draw me as a mermaid :merperson:‍♀️?
I’ve got…

  • Bob cut brown hair
  • tanned skin
    Can you please also draw a merdog with me? A dog mermaid.
    For the name please do Jacky


Sure I’ll just right your username for the name?!


Hi, those mermaids look great!

In the future, could you post your artwork in the drawing topic?


Just edited it for you! :yum:


Yup if I can find it! Lool I will I hope


Also what color for the top and tail?



@Dude73 okie and thanks!


Anything. U choose!!!


Okie I’ll finish as soon as possible!


Lol I kinda messed up I made the mermaid a lil small but I hope you like it!


It looks better IRL :thinking:


It looks ACE! @ducks12, merdog looks AMAZING!


@Got_This_Glow thanks!!