Two more people!


So guys… We are only accepting TWO more people into PerfectCoders. If you want to join put your Hopscotch name down below and I will check you out!!


Um...I wouldn't make a topic like this.


Tru. But if you really need someone see if I'm good enough. My hs account is murphy​:smiley_cat: or you can find me first on the rising page.


Murphy that is really funny!! I was just about to ask you if you wanted to join!! Do you want to join though?



Why did you see me? Xd.

Am I good enough lol


I was looking at rising and I saw you!! And YES you are good enough. I will email you the password just tell me your email and I will send u it.


I like this but I don't do collabs, sry


Can I join? My HS username is KarmicSans2. I have 2 features and zero trendings.


Okay so u don't want to join @MobCraft?


Aren't emails not allowed? Or did they change that while I was gone?


IDK but I will remix one of your projects with the password. Yours too Murphy.




I just gave you the password.


I'm in!

Also do you happen to live is missouRi


No I do not live in Missouri. I live in Washington D.C though.


Ok. I know someone named Josh that's in my grade (5th)


duplicate topic? I posted in another one similar to this yesterday. did I get accepted