Two conditions for visibility

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okay. When item one is touching item two, set a variable to one. When 7 = 7, Set that Variable to zero. When item three is tapped, increase that variable by one. When that variable is equal to two, both conditions are reached. (May nit work but it’s nine am so I am half asleep)


Nindroid’s method doesn’t work for me (at least not with the touching code). I might have gotten it wrong though. This code will work, but it produces a flickering and a delay for 0.8 seconds after the objects has stopped touching each other:

It’s @Petrichor’s code with a little change. Keep in mind that the code above probably isn’t too effective, but it works.

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Maybe try changing the wait 800 to repeated wait 0


The easiest way is to have a rule so when an object is touching another object it will test for a variable. Tapping the other object will set the variable to 1 and then back to 0.

Thank you! I worked!