Two clashing commands and moves


If you have a character moving MOVE X 200 and another move command MOVE X -200 at the same time how is the MOVE decision made?
Is it random or the does first MOVE command have priority over the opposite MOVE command?


Great question @stradyvarious (and cool name!). Maybe you could post a screenshot with these rules so we could see exactly what you mean! Will each command be in its own rule or will they be in the same rule?


that is interesting i might try it for fun!


I tried this and nothing happened! I think maybe the clashing codes are making it behave as if nothing happened? I'm not sure.


If they were in separate rules, it would make sense if it didn't move because they happen at the same time. 200-200 (move forward 200 with move forward -200) equals zero..
But if they were in the same rule wouldn't it just do the first move forward then the second?


I had a head moving up and down the screen randomly and had 5 large 99% invisible balls in a column in front of the head making a wall of sorts. When an object is shot at the head it passes through one of the balls. When The object touches a ball the head will move up or down depending on the ball. This way the objects position is detected and the head dodges the object. When this happens I have two move commands at once. One is moving the head randomly up and down while another command is telling it to move up or to move down. The movements were jerky so some moves must be canceling each other out or the move with the highest speed had priority. I should have used CHECK ONCE IF/ELSE so when it moves to dodge the attack the random move commands aren't active while its dodging.


yea i think so that makes the most sense




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