Two bugs in Hopscotch — lots of blank drafts, deleted code


Geez Hopscotch has been buggy for me today, idk why…
Your username: tankt2016

What kind of device are you using?: iPad 6th Gen

Problem 1– odd blank drafts

1 sentence description of the problem:
I was cleaning out my drafts and found like 10 blank untitled drafts, with nothing in them.
Idk how to make it happen…

I expected this to happen:
Um. It was just weird.
But instead this happened:
There were lots of blank drafts.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:

Problem 2– deleted code in published old draft

1 sentence description of the problem:
I was cleaning out my drafts and found an old shape art, probably from summer of 2016 (or 2017).
I published it, then played the published project, went into the editor, and half the objects were gone — wait this isn’t a one sentence description whoops.
Idk how to make it happen.
I expected this to happen:
I expected the code and objects to be there.
But instead this happened:
Half of the objects weren’t there.
Here’s a sweet screenshot:

The only reason I can think of why this is happening would be because this may have been made with the old editor,


Sometimes it happens to me too, or one of my drafts will be deleted, but then later they turn up.


Idk what causes any of these, maybe the drafts weren’t made online for the first issue though?
Idk, ask the HS team.


I know that projects without a thumbnail and with the title “Untitled” are from the old editor. That is because I make almost all of my project on that editor version and then upload them with another iPad on the newest version of Hopscotch. So, that isn’t technically a bug.

I haven’t experienced the code deletion bug before though. I’m pretty sure about that at least.