Twitch Hopscotch Streams!


Hello! Welcome back to another topic of mine.
I will do Twitch streaming of Hopscotch! I won't always do Hopscotch. Like right now. I might be playing videos games. You can watch me play!!!
Here le links,


Cool! What's Twitch!


It is a streaming website.


Bumping this topic up.


Lucky! I have to wait 4 years cuz of the age limit. D:


Uh, I can't see the links.




Can you re-post the links Quinn?


Also will you share your voice?

This may seem stalkish but I have a guess on what everyone sounds like and looks like so I want to see if I am right :stuck_out_tongue:

Also can you do game requests?

If so you should play slither,io and agar,io!



Guys quote for the link.


When will be your next upload?


I was streaming earlier. I don't know when. It will depend.



Just let me know when!


Where are the links? Cool idea.


Just type in a fake age XD


Here it is:




I have to quote something from my first Stream..........
"America! Gonna censor this word for all audiences yeah!"


You only need an account to comment and follow on twitch, you can still watch videos


You think I wanna lie?
I already lie about my age for a lot of things.
Are there any 10 year old streamers on Twitch?
They would eventually find out...