Twin matching questions!



You may have seen the other twin topic, and the matchmakers are working hard to find matches. We don't have all of the information in the world though, so we need to ask a few people some questions, and that is what this topic is for! :smile:

Find Your Hopscotch Twin! ~Taking Requests~
Find Your Hopscotch Twin! ~Taking Requests~

Thank you for making this topic! I will now put it on watching! :smiley:


@Sparkczy, do you:
Like to paint?
Get less than 9 hours of sleep everyday?
Are you 50% procracinater?
Like sci-fi/mystery/fantasy/ adventure books?


No problem, we really needed it! :smile:


That is very true!


@Rawrbear, I have a lot of questions for you, let me write them. :slight_smile:


Do you get little sleep?
Read a lot of the forum?
Do you like to draw and write?
Mess around with code until it works?
Like piano and singing?
Like horror movies and movies?
Like Undertale?


I know the answer to the last question :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't even know why I asked. :joy:


I'll can try sending this to him on the Potato hangout! (Don't ask.. okay fine quote)


At least one is spot on XD


Yeah, I don't even know why I asked. :joy:


So quite.... to quite.... :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, is that to me? <9 is less than, because it's _ < 9, and it reads left to right, and < points to the one less, while eating the greater….


We are looking for a twin for you, and we think Sparckzy might be a good match, but we need to make sure. So we are asking her those questions. :smile:


She means you put greater than instead of less than :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixed! :smile:


Trys to leave forum but can't
Trys to turn off phone..
sees musicly...
spam likes bestie on


I'm 99.999999999% procrastinator!:wink::yum:


Maths brain whirring......:thinking::thinking::thinking:

So _would have to be 8 or less