Tutorial video suggestion



I have an idea for a new tutorial video. Hopscotch could make a tutorial video about Minecraft Part 1 (survival) and part 2 (creative) we could do monsters and flying and mining and unlimited blocks and stuff!


You can do it too! As long as you upgrade to ios 9.1 you can record things on your iPad! Make a YouTube account and publish it!


There's A Tutorial About That Already On YouTube! Click Here To Watch The Tutorial.

P.S.: The Tutorial Is NOT Made By The Hopscotch Team. Instead, It Is Made By Brian Aspinall.


Kiwicute2015, what app do I use to record my iPad screen?


First you have to update your iPad to iOS 9.1. To do that, go to settings-> general->software update->update button
Then go to hopscotch and play a project. You will see a red button at the top, which is the recording button. press that to record. Press it again to stop recording. Then it will ask you a math problem, and if You answer correctly, you will be able to save it. Questions?


Plus your iPad has to be newer than iPad Air. Mine is iPad 4 so it doesn't have that function although my software is iOS9.1


It doesn't have to be newer. Mine is the 2nd IPad Mini that came out 3 years ago. There is a red button near the top of the hopscotch screen when you click on a project. Only when you have IOS 9.1 though.


I don't have that, although iPad 4 came out three years ago too


Kiwicute2015, I updated my iPad to iOS 9.1 and there is no red button at the top of the screen??


In hopscotch? Or the general iPad? Because it's only in hopscotch...


I think that they made the controls video so you could be creative and make something like minecraft but cool idea


Hopscotch!! I played a project in Hopscotch and there was no red button! I tried to make one and no red button!emphasized text


@XSweetCutieX @Kiwicute2015 I think the record button appears on iOS 9.1 but only for certain devices unfortunately 🙁


Right. Only on the newer devices. I think I jumped to the conclusion that she had an iPad Air or 4 that was new.


@t1_hopscotch @Kiwicute_2015 I'm kinda freaking out right now 'cause two awesome Hopscotchers have just replied to me..anyway, unfortunately I can't get the hopscotch record button but do any of you know a good iPad screen recorder?


I dont think theres another way unless you plug your ipad into a mac (Not a mac makeup item!)
find out how to by this video by the hopscotch team


I was just about to share the same thing as @Lavendercupcake :smile:

Here's a bit of extra info:


Do you have a Mac?@XSweetCutieX


No, I don't have a Mac.