<Tutorial> Specific amount of clones, each with an individual ID, VERY fast!



So, using the new update, I discovered a cool trick that allows you to get a certain amount of clones, each with its own ID, in less than a second.

You will need 4 device variables:

  • Count
  • Create Clone
  • Current
  • ID

Now, make the code below in your own project! My ID can be any object variable you want.

(Click on the photo to see it in more detail)

Make sure you make the Create Clone rule before the Incease Current by 1 rule. Same with the Set Self My ID to ID. Make that before the Increase ID by 1 rule.

How it works: Each time the device variable Create Clone is set to 1 (12 times) and there are less clones than you want (Count), it will create a clone. In another rule, run at the same time, it will increase the Current by 1. This is run by all clones, so the amount of clones will double each time.
When a clone is created, its ID is set to whatever the current ID is. That is also incremented by 1 at the same time.

I hope this helps, and makes your projects much more efficient! :smiley:

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Nice tutorial @Valgo!:grinning:


This is awesome dude thanks! And I think I heard somewhere that some Self references don't just apply to a single clone, in the final update? Is that true?


I've never had that.


I like how you had common sense to make ID and my ID separate. I would use one variable.


Self references apply to a single clone


Oh, it must've been something else then


Great tutorial, Zap! :smiley:


Cool, i'll use this! :D


I'd like to use this in a project I'm making - is this free to use, or must I give credit?


It's free to use, it's not too hard to do


Ah, okay. Thank you so much. :smiley: